Clearscan UV-C Sanitization Pen
Clearscan UV-C Sanitization Pen
Clearscan UV-C Sanitization Pen
Clearscan UV-C Sanitization Pen
Clearscan UV-C Sanitization Pen

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Clearscan UV-C Sanitization Pen


The Clearscan UVC Sanitization Pen was designed to effortlessly kill harmful bacteria and viruses that linger on your everyday items—with just a 5 second scan.
It's ultra-slim and portable, stores 400 uses after 40 minutes of charging, is equipped with an internal gyroscope for safety and an LED lifespan of 10,000 hours* subject to use.

  • Compact and lightweight for ultra portability.
  • Double Lock and timer function for safety
  • Internal gyroscope sensor
  • Eco-friendly alternative to sanitizer wipes.

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Revolutionary Sanitization.

Our tech uses a UV-C wavelength of 275nm, which is the best ratio for killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.


We harness the power of the sun. It's only fair we repay the favour and keep our planet safe.

Zero Residual Effect.

UVC light is a physical process, not a chemical one. No need to worry about toxins, or fumes.

Sleek Design.

Simple and modern design with essential functions.

Designed for day-to-day life.

Leave the germs eating dust.

The Clearscan Wand is built for full throttle disinfection on-the-go. Any essentials you have in your car; sterile and safe for use.

Send the bacteria to detention.

We better see, "I will not be a problem to anyone anymore" written 100 times on the board.

Just don't forget to sanitize the chalk after.

Hold the handle without worry.

Traveling in public transit won't be so bad anymore—even on a Monday. Our proven UV-C LED sanitizing technology will make sure of it.

Built for the environment.

Designed for a better life.

Reduced carbon footprint.

Fewer purchases of wipes and cleaning supplies, reducing the need for transportation and freight. Less pollution.

Less packaging means less waste directed to landfills.

Portable and sleek design, perfect for carrying on you.

Instant sanitization and protection

One Clearscan Pen can save your business up-to 1,800,000 wipes and between $40,000-$72,000.